Book Review: Circe by Madeline Miller (2018)

Book Review: Circe by Madeline Miller (2018)

Bronze Anthology Book Review

Circe by Madeline Miller (Fiction 2018)

ISBN: 9780316556347

For anyone that read “The Odyssey” in high school, this story is like taking a trip down memory lane. Unlike “The Odyssey,” it is a novel, but along Circe’s journey, many of the same characters appear. Interestingly the story focuses on Circe, rather than other, better known Greek gods or goddesses. Which is to say that while some parts of the story will ring-a-bell for anyone that has read Greek Mythology in the past, many parts of the story will be new and captivating.

In Three Words
Greek Mythology… let’s pretend that’s one word



Overall Thoughts
The story and main character are difficult to connect with at first, but after several chapters, it or rather she begins to become more interesting. Since the book spans her lifetime, it is an easy, fast-paced read, which only slows down for the most important events in her life.

This books discusses many legends and folklore, such as Circe turning men into pigs, but this book goes beyond the well known and dives into the minutiae. It goes into all of the events that shaped her life, many of which are relatable with an added dose of problems only an immortal Greek Goddess would face. If you are only interested in the book for the pigs, you will be disappointed to know that it is a fairly small piece of the story.

Our Bronze Star Rating

This book is a good read for anyone that enjoys Greek Mythology and all of the intriguing narratives that go along with it. It is not a good read for anyone that already has a strong background in Greek Mythology or Circe, since the story can only be retold not reinvented. Overall, it is a four bronze star read; minus a star because the first few chapters fell short and felt disconnected from the character, especially in comparison to the rest of the story.

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