Book Review: Laura and Emma by Kate Greathead (2018)

Book Review: Laura and Emma by Kate Greathead (2018)

Bronze Anthology Book Review

Laura and Emma by Kate Greathead (2018)

ISBN: 9781501156601

Mothers and daughters have relationships that change with age and time, which can oscillate between loving and fighting. ‘Laura and Emma’ covers the span of a relationship between a mother and her daughter from birth until adolescence. It touches on the dynamics of that relationship from the easily loving toddler years to the painfully fighting teenage years.

In Three Words


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Overall Thoughts
The main character is difficult to relate to or believe. *SPOILER ALERT* She is often so naive that it is unfathomable, like when she conceives her daughter with a robber that stayed in her parent’s house by claiming to be a friend of her brother… or when she tells her family that she conceived by using a sperm donor and her family did not press the issue. Furthermore, the main character lives a privileged life of unlimited income thanks to her parent’s support, yet her life is painfully boring.

The entire tone of the story is uneventful. Throughout the story issues arise and end with no buildup or resolution. Laura, the main character, is passionate about saving the planet, but never acts upon her interest and it pops up at random moments in her inner monologue. Her daughter encounters issues all adolescents face, but the issues are addressed as passing events and never discussed or resolved. At the end of the book, there is no resolution, no moral or purpose. It leaves you wondering, “What was the point?”

Our Bronze Star Rating

It is a good read for anyone interested in a quick read that touches on a mother and daughter’s relationship. It is not a good read for anyone that wants a believable story with a moral or purpose. Overall, it is a two bronze star read. It received one star because it is an easy read and another star, because the dialogue between the mother and daughter are touching, even if the rest of the story comes across as unbelievable and pointless.

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